How It Works

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a video surveillance system using video cameras to transmit a signal (which is the image/video) to a specific place to be viewed on a set of monitors.

Internet enabled camera’s are directly plugged into the computer network which capture and send images back to the main surveillance monitoring computers and is displayed on the monitor(s). The broadcast can be picked up anywhere on your network, or anywhere in the world over the internet using a regular web browser.  The security of the system is assured. No longer do companies need expensive CCTV equipment limited to local monitoring.  

Only authorized personnel are able to receive the broadcast.  View multiple locations at the same time.  Plus, remote zoom, pan and sound are possible to enchance the system and monitoring capabilities.

Internet Protocol (IP) Remote Surveillance provides all of the CCTV capabilities and more at a fraction of the cost versus using analog technology.