How It Works

SAM uses pulse radar to detect the speed of an approaching truck.  In order to alert the driver, if the truck is over speeding, then the speed is displayed in red.  Otherwise the display is in green.

If the truck is over speeding or under speeding then the night vision camera is triggered to take either a photo or video, depending how it is configured. 

The system can be configured to either send the photo/video wirelessly via a GPRS or WiFi network to a central monitoring station. Or the photo/video can be copied on to a USB memory stick by physically visiting the unit.  The system can also send an SMS notification of a violation.

When a vehicle approaches SAM the doplar radar detects the speed and alerts the driver on the LED Reader Board which is mounted above the posted speed limit.  At the same time the camera photographs the truck and the speed of the truck is stored and is sent wirelessly to the dispatch center. 

The bright LED display is visible to everyone, so speed control becomes “self-policing” and violations quickly decrease.  Operators quickly learn to control their speed when SAM is watching.

The system comes with a full set of reports that highlight violations and driving patterns.  Reports can be customized. 

Reduce Accidents, Costly Repairs and Loss of Life.