Automatic Temperature Screening Thermal Camera Solution

Key Features

  • Automatic detection of high temperature from fast moving personnel
  • Shows red alert for fever and green if normal temperature
  • Automatically displays each person’s temperature
  • High accuracy temperature detection even when masked or partially covered
Infrared Thermography Forehead Thermometer Mercury Thermometer
Principle Non-contact plain surface array temperature measurement Point contact temperature measurement Direct contact temperature measurement
Distance 3 – 10 meters 1 – 3 cm 0
Time Real-time 3 – 5 seconds 3 minutes
Data Temperature measurement data and photos Temperature figure Temperature scales

Monitors Fast Moving Personnel Temperatures with Face Mask or Face partially hidden in Real-Time

Thermographic Bullet Body Temperature Measurement Camera is able to measure a moving object’s (Personnel) temperature at a high accuracy in real time.

It is capable of discovering and tracking people with higher body temperature among the crowded public areas in real time.

It can be widely used in places such as offices, mine site entries, shopping malls, customs, airports, schools, hospitals for the inspection and quarantine of people with high and suspect temperatures and fevers.

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