Indonesia Says Nickel Reserves Enough For Expansion, Despite Moratorium Call

The text discusses Indonesia’s nickel reserves, highlighting the availability of high-grade nickel until 2035 and low-grade nickel until at least 2069. The country aims to expand its production for stainless steel and EV batteries, positioning itself as a significant player in these industries by 2040. However, oversupply concerns have led to a drop in nickel prices, prompting calls for a moratorium on new plants to preserve high-grade reserves.

Key Points:

  • Indonesia’s high-grade nickel reserves will last until 2035, while low-grade nickel supply is expected to be sufficient until at least 2069.
  • The country targets becoming a top producer of EV batteries and stainless steel by 2040.
  • Calls have been made to impose a moratorium on new pyrometallurgy plants to preserve high-grade reserves.
  • Oversupply issues have caused a 45% drop in nickel prices, affecting producers in Australia and elsewhere.
  • Efforts are being made to explore new resources to increase reserves, despite challenges regarding mining locations in forest areas.


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