LME Brand Approval Cements Indonesian Nickel Ascendancy

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has approved the first-ever Indonesian brand of refined nickel, “DX-zwdx,” marking a significant moment for the global industry. Indonesia, a major player in nickel production, has transitioned from exporting unprocessed ore to refining and exporting high-purity nickel products. The country’s ban on ore exports and focus on downstream processing have reshaped its role in the global nickel supply chain.

Key Points:

  • The approval of Indonesia’s refined nickel brand by LME signifies a turning point in the industry.
  • Indonesia has shifted from exporting unprocessed ore to exporting refined nickel products, with a focus on electric vehicle battery materials.
  • The country’s policy of banning ore exports and promoting downstream processing has been successful in increasing its presence in the battery materials value chain.
  • Indonesia’s evolving role in the global nickel supply chain has impacted trade flows with China, making it a significant supplier of refined nickel to the country.
  • The new “DX-zwdx” brand of refined nickel is the result of a joint venture between Chinese and local companies, showcasing Indonesia’s technical evolution in nickel production.

Source: https://www.mining.com/web/column-lme-brand-approval-cements-indonesian-nickel-ascendancy/

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