Enhance Mining Safety with SAM Speed Awareness System

Many mine vehicle accidents result from over speeding. The SNCTechnologies’ Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) is crucial in reducing such accidents and enhancing efficiency and production. SAM monitors vehicle speeds and alerts the driver and management about speeding violations.

SAM captures videos or photos of vehicles exceeding or falling below speed limits. These visuals can be manually retrieved via a USB at the SAM or automatically transmitted to a monitoring station through WiFi or GSM networks. SAM offers multiple options for delivering photos and videos.

Act now to enhance mining safety with SAM – Speed Awareness System at your mine site:

  • Customize radar sensitivity and speed thresholds
  • Ensure total speed control and accident prevention
  • SAM has a bright LED array for optimal visibility day and night
  • Benefit from 24-hour fleet surveillance with infrared night vision

SAM is skid-mounted, easy to relocate, and designed for rugged mine conditions. Solar-powered with a 48-hour battery capacity, SAM is easy to deploy and requires minimal maintenance for continuous operation.

Prioritize safety and efficiency – deploy SAM today to combat speeding incidents effectively!

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