Radio communications is an important part of a large mine or oil operation. Maintaining good communications on the site for dispatch and coordination is an important part of keeping the operation running smoothly.

SNC Technologies can assist in the following ways:

  • Equipment acquisition
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Integration with mobile and landline telephone networks

SNC Technologies can help your businesses in all aspects of “information management”. Usually one of the first hurdles is the collection and transport of data as it begins the aggregation process. This means moving data of all forms from one point to another. Sometimes the communications can be simple. But other times, it is difficult to do economically due to distances, incompatibilities, remoteness of sites, poor infrastructure, or other factors.

SNC Technologies are “Solution Providers” and can help develop unique solutions to solve communications and IT problems. We just don’t provide the link, or communications channel, but also provide help with the hardware and software necessary to process and move your data in an effective and economical way. The challenge is not just is coming up with a solution. The challenge is coming up with a solution that works THROUGHOUT the system AND is economical.

SNC Technologies is your total radio and communication solutions provider.

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