Fatigue has been identified as a major cause of accidents. SNC Technologies’ MineSafeDrive uses advanced artificial intelligence face recognition to detect when a driver is falling asleep or distracted (looking away, on the phone, smoking, etc.) and then sounds an in-cab alarm, activates on-top-of-cab siren, and alerts the central control room.

SAM Speed Awareness Monitor

Speed Awareness Monitor Most mine vehicle accidents are due to over speeding. SNC Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) can reduce these type of accidents plus improve efficiency and

Video Surveillance

Monitor All Locations in Real-Time Anywhere Imagine being able to monitor all of your locations in real-time anywhere in the world for very little cost

Access Control

Design Your Access Control and Security System With SNC Technologies integrated access control solutions you can manage and track access to security areas. SNCTechnologies has several technologies that can be

PreView Radar Proximity Awareness

Preview Collision Avoidance Systems Prevent Collisions PreView Radar is a pulsed radar object detection sensor designed to detect moving and stationary objects in blind spots to significantly