We Can Do Magic

At SatNetCom we say that “We can do magic”. What we mean by this is that SatNetCom is not like other companies who just sell and install others companies’ products. At SatNetCom we have the technical skills to develop our own products. With skills in software development, electronics and communications there is not much that we can’t do.

From Android applications, so that mining supervisors can monitor their operations on their phone, to face recognition systems using artificial intelligence to determine if a driver is falling asleep or not paying attention while driving (on mobile phone, looking away, smoking, etc.). This system is often used in conjunction with our onboard CCTV systems so that you can playback the scene of an accident. No more guess what happened.

We are also an internet and satellite company and can interface will all types of communications networks, including phone networks. We even have devices that can automatically search for and use the cheapest network which is available – phone, wifi, or satellite – and switch back and forth automatically.

Many are amazed at our wide range of products and ask why we developed them. The simple answer is that most of our products were developed because a customer told us about a problem they had and asked if we had a solution. And many times, if we couldn’t find and good solution, we would develop it ourselves.

This was the case when Komatsu came to us many years ago to develop a way to collect the truck engine data remotely instead of having to go to each truck and manually transfer the data to a memory stick. We developed our VHMS download system to remotely collect the data over a wireless network. Further because network coverages were sometimes spotty, we developed our “data hand-off” system that will pass the data from truck to truck until it gets back to the central computers. These days, they call this mesh networks.

Another example was when a customer wanted a cheap way to monitor the speed of the dump trucks in order to reduce accidents. For this we developed our SAM, for Speed Awareness Monitoring system. The SAM units are solar powered and can be placed anywhere on the side of a road. It has a radar scope that reads the speed of a passing vehicle and displays the speed on a large LED screen. And if the vehicle is speeding, then the speed flashes, a photo is taken, and it is sent back to a central control room.
Of course, another way to do this is to wireless track the trucks and their speed. But depending on the fleet size this can be more expensive.

This system has been modified to intelligently control the traffic signals at an intersection so that higher priority vehicles are given the ”green light”.

We can do it all – vehicle tracking, activity monitoring (e.g. loading, waiting, hauling, grading, tramming, etc.) engine monitoring, tire monitoring, driver monitoring, and more.

SatNetCom has developed a wide range of fleet management solutions for all types of requirements:

  • MineLink: A full featured production and fleet tracking system with superior intelligent automatic dispatching that greatly increases production.
  • MineVision: A lower cost solution for a mine that is just interested in tracking production and engine performance.
  • MineTrack: For managing the long haul pit-to-port truck fleet. It includes tracking and a weigh bridge interface
  • GlobalTrack: For the light vehicle fleet and general road transportation vehicles.

SatNetCom has a fleet management system to fit your needs. And we can easily customize to meet your requirements.

So let us know what you need – and “we can do magic” for you.

Ken Grant, President Director

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