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While providing communications and IT services is our core business, in a more general sense we are “IT Solution Providers” who help our clients develop and solve their communications and Information Technology (IT) needs. SatNetCom (SNCTechnologies) is dedicated to providing the best service at the least possible cost.

Our mission is to work with our clients to design, develop, implement, operate and maintain communications and IT systems which serve the client in the most effective, efficient and economical manner. In fulfilling this mission, SNCTechnologies and its employees are dedicated to performing the job in a professional, responsible, and courteous manner.

We consider ourselves to be a “service” company and seek to provide the very best service at all times. We encourage our employees to take the initiative to solve client problems and work to make SNCTechnologies a company with a reputation for quality and service.

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Customer Satisfaction

SNCTechnologies Management believes and emphasizes to its staff, that the customer is more than just a “customer”. They are in fact our partners and that we should always look for more effective solutions and support for them, so that we can achieve a better future together.

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SNC Technologies delivers the one stop shop

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SNCTechnologies has put more mining equipment online and build more mine communications networks than any other company in Indonesia. The importance of having a good communications network to support your Fleet Management System is often under estimated. A poorly designed and deployed network can cost you more to install and operate and will have continuous problems. SNCTechnologies is the leader in mining communications. Over the many years of designing and implementing Fleet Management Systems throughout Indonesian mine sites, SNCTechnologies has developed its own in-house Communications system named MineComms which has been successfully installed and operating across eight (8) of the largest mines in Indonesia supporting thousands of heavy equipment mining units.

Part of SNCTechnologies philosophy is to partner with the customer to deliver solutions that meet their requirements. This means not just selling “products”, but understanding the customer requirements and developing individual solutions for them. In today’s world, this often means developing software or customized solutions. SNCTechnologies has its own software engineers and software development house in Indonesia that can customize our systems to a customer’s need. We don’t try to fit your problem into our box. Rather we open our system to the customers’ individual requirements.

Over the many years of working with FMS systems, we have found that many times there is not a decent hardware solution available for our customer’s needs. In those cases we designed, developed and manufactured our own hardware. This was the case in getting good reliable microwave radios that could operate reliably in the harsh conditions of a mine. Since we could not find a suitable robust and economical radio, we developed our own. In this way we bring to our customers, not only a better solution, but also one at a better price. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Project Experience

SNCTechnologies has installed and supported more fleet management systems in Indonesia than any other company. These systems have increased mining productivity by as much as 15%.

  • Fleet Management System Implementation at Kideco Mine Site (350 units)
  • SNC MineComms Wireless network to support the Fleet Management System Implementation at Kideco Mine Site
  • High Precision Drill Management system installed on 6 Drills at Kideco Mine Site
  • Coal Long Hauling Fleet Management System (120 units) and SNC MineComms WiFi and GPRS Network design and implementation at PAMA Bontang site
  • Light Vehicle GPS tracking project at PAMA Bontang (250 units)
  • On-site Support and Maintenance Project at PAMA Kideco, PAMA ABKL, PAMA Jembayan, PAMA Bontang and PAMA TCMM Melak (2014)
  • PAMA Adaro site – design, supply, installation of the SNC MineComms Communications network covering the complete PAMA Mine Operations at Adaro site including stage no1 34 portable towers and 6 fixed towers which is now being extended to include the new PAMA operations area at Adaro. The total MineComms network will includes over 75 portable transmission towers and 12 fixed towers with a total WiFi coverage area of over 43 km2 supporting over 500 HD Trucks and excavators and over 40 other Auxiliary units across the PAMA Adaro site operations.
  • SNC MineComms Wireless network to support the Fleet Management System Implementation at SIS Adaro Site (additional networks to support the SIS network for the Adaro group)
  • SNCTechnologies is currently designing the Adaro SNC MineTrack VHF LongHaul fleet of over 350 Coal LongHaul trucks over its 90 km pit to port haul.
  • Fleet Management System Implementation at Adaro Mine Site (320 vehicles)
  • SNC MineComms wireless network expansion project at Adaro Mine Site. Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 (networking of 4 separate mining areas across the Adaro site)
  • FMS and SNC MineComms on-site Support and Maintenance project
  • High Precision Drill Management system installed on 2 Drills at Adaro Mine Site
  • High Precision Excavator and Dozer Management system installed on 2 Excavators and 4 Dozers at Adaro Mine Site
  • Fleet Management System Implementation at Gunung Bayan Site
  • SNC MineComms Wireless network to support the FMS Implementation at Gunung Bayan Site
  • Fleet Management and SNC MineComms Maintenance project (10 months)
  • Trial Implementation of the SNC MineLink FMS system at their ABN site for 2 fleets along with the design and supply of the SNC MineComms system to support the MineLink FMS trial with further implementation after the trial period
  • Fleet Management System Implementation at Indominco Site (125 units)
  • High Precision Drill Management system installed on 6 Drills at Indominco site
  • SNC MineComms Wireless network to support the FMS Implementation at Indominco Site
  • FMS and MineComms On-site support and maintenance project
  • Fleet Management System Implementation at Wahana Site (250 vehicles)
  • SNC MineComms Wireless network to support FMS Implementation at Wahana Site
  • FMS and SNC MineComms on-site Support and Maintenance project
  • SNC MineTrack VHF Coal LongHaul Fleet Management system development and implementation on 55 coal haulers over a 60km haul road utilizing VHF communications protocol Project at MGM site. The SNC MineTrack LongHaul Fleet Management system utilizes the MineLink FMS platform.
  • CCTV project since 2008 until 2013 (5 stages) with a total of 67 CCTV cameras networked throughout the entire mine site including stations at mine site locations, loading port and stockpiles. The system includes a 12 Screen LCD real time monitoring station and recording system
  • SNC MineComms to support the CCTV Camera network

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