Fatigue has been identified as a major cause of accidents. SNCTechnologies’ MineSafeDrive uses advanced artificial intelligence face recognition to detect when a driver is falling asleep or distracted (looking away, on the phone, smoking, etc.) and then sounds an in-cab alarm, activates on-top-of-cab siren, and alerts the central control room.

MineSafeDrive monitors the driver’s eyes using ‘eye detection’ for abnormal closure, indicating the driver may be overly fatigued. When the system detects abnormal eye closure and in-cab warning alarm is sounded to alert the driver.  The system can also notify the control room in real-time. When the driver receives the siren alarm, the driver should stop immediately and have a rest.

Eye Detection and Fatigue Alerts combined ensure accurate information on any vehicle in the fleet.  The MineSafeDrive alert can be sent to the control room for any driver fatigue issues with both visual and audible alerts. MineSafeDrive immediately pinpoints the vehicle of concern on a map and logs the event.

MineSafeDrive is speed activated and monitors fatigue from 10km/h onward. The eye detection monitor is always switched ‘on’. Over-speed and fatigue alerts can be sent via email, text, Whats App, to anyone, anywhere.

How does MineSafeDrive work?

  1. The fatigue monitor in each vehicle continually monitors the driver for signs of fatigue
  2. At the same time, the Raveon unit in each vehicle is continually updating the control room of the vehicle’s position
  3. When the Raveon unit senses an alert condition, it transmits the alert along with the current vehicle position to the control room
  4. The map in the control room displays the vehicles and is continually updated. When an alert is received, the system immediately highlights the specific vehicle icon, displays an alert message, sounds an alarm, and logs the event into the tracking database.

Three Levels of Fatigue Alarms

MineSafeDrive will sound three different levels of fatigue alarms under the following conditions:

1st alarm

High Pitched

Tone with short period eye closures

2nd alarm

Voice Alerts

With longer period of eye closures and/or fatigue detected

3rd alarm

Siren Alarm

Siren alarm with continuous eye closures and/or fatigue condition