SNC Fuel Management System can monitor your fuel at all points – delivery, storage, distribution, dispensing, and consumption.  Know where every drop of fuel is and where it is going.

No single solution fits all situations and many times it is necessary to interface with existing SCADA and monitoring systems.  Further, it may not be necessary or desirable to monitor the complete fueling system. For this reason, SNCTechnologies offers several different solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Fuel Management System

A typical solution consists of a mixture of flow meters, temperature sensors, tank level meters, and a dispensing system.  There are three general categories of dispensing systems:

  • Fully Automatic: Automatic detection of vehicle id and mileage
  • Semi-Automatic: A key tag is swiped to enter vehicle ID and mileage
  • Manual: Driver/attendant manually enters vehicle ID and mileage
  • Each level of dispensing methodology provides a different level of control.

An important part of a SNC Fuel Management System is the analysis and reporting software. SNC Fuel Management System provides sophisticated reporting that highlight problems and give customers valuable management information and alerts.

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