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SNCTechnolgies GlobalTrack is designed to get greater productivity and efficiency from your mobile fleet. GlobalTrack is made for all types of businesses: distribution, delivery, trucking, taxis, buses, service and utility, emergency vehicles, and many others.

Benefits of GlobalTrack

  • Better Fleet Management
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Save Time
  • Identify Bottlenecks Quickly
  • Know Where Your Assets Are Always
  • Theft Prevention
  • Recover Stolen Assets
  • Reduce “Down” Time
  • Alert Abnormal Conditions
  • Fuel Level Monitoring Options

GlobalTrack is a robust and reliable vehicle GPS tracking system that has been designed and developed by SNCTechnolgies. More than just simple tracking, the system can monitor and alert on numerous conditions and events.

SNCTechnolgies powerful GlobalTrack supports a variety of communications technologies – GSM, WiFi, UHF/VHF and satellite, or combination of these. This means that GlobalTrack can work in whatever environment your vehicles are operating.

The GlobalTrack system is used for vehicle tracking around the world and is available in any language.

Full Featured and Comes in Three Models

FeatureGlobalTrack GSMGlobalTrack WiFiGlobalTrack Satelite
Operating AreaCity or any area with GSM telephone coverageIndustrial complex, ports, warehouses, minesAnywhere without GSM or Wifi coverage
Typical BusinessesCouriers, trucking, plantation, cars, taxi, and bus rentals, oil, gas, mining and constructionsManufacturing, oil, gas, warehouses, mining, and constructionPlantation, oil, gas, mining, and construction
Display real-time location, speed, heading, track, and statusYesYesYes
Alerts and Sensors (may require additional equipment)OverspeedYesYes
Out of Bounds (Geofence)YesYesYes
Unauthorised stopsOptionalOptionalOptional
Fuel MonitoringOptionalOptionalOptional
Engine HoursOptionalOptionalOptional
Engine StatusOptionalOptionalOptional
Fatigue CameraOptionalOptionalOptional
Anti Collision RadarOptionalOptionalOptional
Temperature MonitorOptionalOptionalOptional
Door OpenOptionalOptionalOptional
Harsh BrakingOptionalOptionalOptional
Harsh AccelerationOptionalOptionalOptional
Harsh TurningOptionalOptionalOptional
Panic SwitchOptionalOptionalOptional
Drier Login (RFID Card Swipe)OptionalOptionalOptional
External CameraOptionalN/AN/A
Display (Touch Screen Interactive)OptionalOptionalOptional
Monthly FeesGSM telephone feesN/AGSM telephone and satelite fees
Lock Fuel CapOptionalOptionalOptional

Other Management Features

  • Web Based Application
  • User can configure map, object icons, and geofences (out-of-bounds)
  • Multi-user system, managed alerts, and individual operator rights
  • Replay historical positions and routes
  • Full set of management reports

How Does it Work?

In simple terms, the GlobalTrack onboard system reads the GPS position data and then transmits the data to a tracking server and then on to the user’s monitoring computer. The data from the vehicle to the tracking server can be transmitted over the mobile telephone network (GSM/3G/4G), WiFi network, or Satellite connection. From there the connection to the user’s computer is either sent over the user’s local network (LAN), or via the internet.

At a minimum, the onboard equipment consists of a computer (tracking device), GPS antenna, and GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi or satellite antenna. In addition, many types of optional sensors can be added to give additional information.

The diagram above shows a typical installation which in addition to the basic components also includes an optional ignition sensor, temperature sensor, panic (SOS) button, an immobilizer (engine cut-off).

The onboard computer has internal memory, so in the event that communication is lost with the server, the data is stored and nothing is lost.

Onboard System Features Are:

  • GPS/GLONASS coordinates and I/O data acquisition
  • Real Time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and event based)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Flash memory for storing events in case the network is unavailable
  • Two RJ45 (RS232) ports
  • RJ45 ports can be used to connect two LLS digital fuel sensor without a concentrator
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)
  • Operating in roaming networks (preferred GSM providers list)
  • Events on I/O detection and sending via GPRS or SMS.
  • Scheduled 24 coordinates SMS sending
  • One configuration file enables convenient configuration
  • Data reading from CAN Bus (FMS standard)
  • CAN Bus Auto scan functionality which enables to automatically configure CAN bus data reading that simplifies configuration process
  • Multi geofence zones (rectangular or circle)
  • Auto geofencing functionality which automatically draws geozones with certain radius, decreasing risk of vehicle theft
  • Deep Sleep mode (saving vehicle‘s accumulator)
  • Firmware update and configuration using USB interface
  • OTA (firmware updating via GPRS)
  • Built-in battery
  • Roaming dependent operation (GPRS traffic saving in roaming zones)
Frequency UsageGSM 800, 1800, 1900 MHzL-Band 1.6 GHz802.11b/g403 – 512 MHz 136-174 MHz
Frequency LicenseNo NeedNo NeedNo NeedNo Need
BandwidthUp to 512 KbpsUp to 64 KbpsUp to 1 MbpsUp to 19.2 Kbps
FeatureFull FeaturesLimitedLimitedLimited
Network CoverageDepend on GSM ProviderAll Areas2-3km From Nearest Access PointsUp to 40km from Nearest Access Points
Monthly FeesYesYes (High)NoNo
Infrastructure CostNoNoYes (High)Yes

Configuration Options

GlobalTrack can be set up on your server or can be hosted by SNCTechnolgies servers. If the hosting option is selected then the information can be accessed through the web using the SNCTechnolgies GlobalTrack Fleet Management application.

GlobalTrack Fleet Management Application

With the GlobalTrack Fleet Management Application users can monitor and manage their fleet.  Users can monitor their fleets on a moving map that allows zooming in and out to the desired viewing area.  Also alerts on abnormal conditions such as out-of-bounds and over speeding will be displayed.

Some of the GlobalTrack Fleet Management Application features are :

  • Built in real time map supports GoogleEarth, OpenLayers, ESRI, SHP and Geoserver
  • Predefined Alarm and Notification based on geofence and events
  • Trip history replay
  • Email notifications
  • Asset Group by Location, Tag, etc
  • Multiple Login with authorization levels

GlobalTrack Customized Solutions

GlobalTrack is a feature and option rich tracking system that covers more than just the basics necessary to manage a fleet.  However, all fleets and services differ from business to business. GlobalTrack has the capability to be customized for the specific needs of any business that must manage and monitor their assets.  Whether a truck or other equipment, all assets can be managed by the same system!  Every company and every fleet is different and that is why SNCTechnolgies has a product range that can be adaptable to any business management needs – we call it Custom Solutions!

Standard and Optional Features

Display real-time location, speed, heading, track, and statusDetect location and speedStandard feature
OverspeedDetect over pre-assigned speed on designated routeStandard feature
UnderspeedDetect unders pre-assigned speed on designated routeStandard feature
Out of Bounds (Geofence)Detect when vehicle is outside of pre-determined areaStandard feature
Unauthorised stopsDetect when unauthorised stopOptional
Fuel MonitoringAbility to measure fuel level and calculate fuel consumptionOptional
Engine HoursMonitor engine hoursOptional
Fatigue CameraDetect when the driver is sleepyOptional
Temperature MonitorDetect temperature inside cargo compartment
Door OpenDetect when the cargo door is openedOptional
ImmobilizerRemotely disable the vehicleOptional
Harsh BrakingDetect the harsh braking conditionOptional, use internal device 3 axis accelerometer
Harsh AccelerationDetect the harsh acceleration conditionOptional, use internal device 3 axis accelerometer
Harsh TurnDetect the harsh turningOptional, use internal device 3 axis accelerometer
Panic SwitchProvide a SOS button and notified the dispatcherOptional
Derier Login (RFID card swipe) and Anti-TheftAbility to detect driver ID and prevent unauthorized driver from driving a vehicleOptional
Anti-CollisionDetect if collision is possibleOptional
External CameraMonitor camera(s) in cabin or outsideOptional
Display (touch screen interactive)Used for operator logging, status reporting, map display, etcOptional
Engine StatusAbility to detect engine/ignition statusOptional

Some of the features are described in more detail below:

Custom Reports

  • Truck Status and Activity
  • Activity is based on Geofence (Loading, Dumping, Traveling, Hauling)
  • Status is based on Geofence and/or Push Button

RFID Integration

  • Operators swipe their card before and after shift change
  • Alarm occurs if the operator does not swipe their card while the truck is moving
  • Alarm will occur if operator is not the one that is authorized to drive the truck


  • Harsh breaking and acceleration detection
  • Alarm sounds if operator is driving to harsh
  • The information will sent to server and appear on dispatcher screen

Weigh Bridge

  • Integration with weigh bridge to measure productivity
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a RFID tag for truck identification
  • Embedded PC to take the tonnage reading and send to server

Fuel Management

  • Measure the truck fuel level and send the information to server for further processing
  • “Tap” to the onboard fuel gauge. Simple and easy to install

GlobalTrack has many uses for all kinds of companies. Below are some of our best examples on how you can utilize our product in your business.

GlobalTrack Applications

Tracking Solution for Transportation Companies

Many of our customers in the transportation industry use GlobalTrack to lower the fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

Tracking Solutions for Food Transportation Companies

Food transportation companies can benefit by improving their customer’s satisfaction and increasing productivity, while reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing profits.

Tracking and Dispatch Solutions for Utility Companies

GpsGate Server is helping many service companies and utility organizations to dispatch their vehicles in an optimal way. Customers report cost savings and increased service levels for selecting the most appropriate vehicle for service and repair assignments.

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies use GpsGate Server to increase service level and decrease risk factors and fleet operation cost.

Low Cost Police Tracking Solution

GlobalTrack provide Police Departments real-time tracking and dispatching that is easy to deploy with reliable performance. Police Departments can have their own tracking solution secured in-house and meet budget constraints.

Tracking and Dispatch Solution for Taxi Companie

There are many Taxi companies using GlobalTrack. Taxi companies report that their customers have less waiting time and the Taxi fleet has less time without customers in the taxi.

Bus Fleet Case Study

The customer intends to utilize the vehicle GPS tracking system for monitoring the fleet of buses with the objective to:

  • Improve the monitoring activity of the bus operations in real-time.
  • Improve the safety of the truck fleet operations
  • Generate better monitoring and reporting of the fleet to improve the distribution cycle
  • Utilize a robust GPS tracking and fleet management system which they are built on as they grow or require more features
  • In addition to general tracking information, the customer also wanted to also wanted:
  • Monitor fuel levels and consumption
  • SOS Panic button
  • Monitor cabin temperature

Case Study Solution

SatNetCom installed the SNC GlobalTrack GPS tracking and fleet management solution to assist in the management of their fleet of trucks.

As the trucks were operating in a metropolitan area, the trucks used the GSM/GPRS network.

GlobalTrack Onboard Equipment

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