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With SNCTechnologies integrated access control solutions you can manage and track access to security areas. SNCTechnologies has several technologies that can be employed – from mag striped cards, RFID cards, and bio-metrics (fingerprint, face or iris detection).  Limit access to areas you want to control.   Monitor who goes where and when.  Access can be controlled by time, day, or job position.  Integrate with SNCTechnologies Time and Attendance System to get accurate attendance and overtime records.

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Use access control – security systems that offer digital video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems. Access Control Systems can be customized for an unlimited number of users, with proximity cards, uniquely encoded key ring tags or bio-metrics – finger print and eye (iris) readers.

1. Biometric Access Control Technology and Readers

Biometrics is the cutting edge technology that provides increased security by assessing and identifying a person’s unique body feature. The most common biometrics are the eye (iris) and finger print readers. Biometrics combine the security of using a cardholder’s badge or PIN along with a biometric template. SNCTechnologies biometric solutions are fast and accurate.

No more keys, cards or pin codes. Fingerprint, eye and face recognition are among the most popular, recognized biometric technologies used for identification and security verification.  There is no way to fake an identity – Biometric Technology provides complete access control

Bio-metric technology is the most secure and effective authentication techniques in use world wide.

SNCTechnologies has a host of bio-metric security technologies that have been implemented to address the security needs of a variety of different industries and customers.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a passive security system and has an advantage of not requiring cooperation of the persons being tracked.


Fingerprint bio-metrics is the most popular due to its ease of acquisition through national registrations, immigration, and law enforcement.


Iris (eye) recognition is the best authentication process available today.  Iris recognition simply involves taking a picture of the iris; this picture is used solely for authentication.

But what makes iris recognition the authentication system of choice?

  • Stable – Unique pattern in the human iris is formed by 10 months of age, and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime
  • Unique – The probability of two rises producing the same code is nearly impossible
  • Flexible – Iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone
  • Reliable – A distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss or compromise
  • Non-Invasive – Unlike retinal screening, iris recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative, from distances as far as 3″ to 10″

2. Access Control Cards and Readers

In todays security conscious world, facility executives need an effective yet easy means to protect their facilities and business. The answer for corporate, manufacturing and institutional executives alike could be as simple as a one-card approach — using a smart card.

For companies that choose a card access control solution, but are using different systems at different facilities can create complications.  This can cause confusion when trying to track which cards access which facilities.  Tying them together requires integration between various access control systems and single smart card.

Card readers are placed wherever a company determines access must be tracked. Today’s electronic access control options include a wide variety of card readers that are hard-wired to control panels, which are then hard-wired or networked to a host computer containing one or more security databases.

SNCTechnologies helps work through the challenge of selecting the right technology for a specific situation.

SNCTechnologies has a range of cards that incorporate technologies to meet all types of business requirements from 125KHz proximity cards to 13.65MHz smart cards with or without magnetic strips and RFID cards.  A suite of high quality access control readers deliver maximum choices to meet all project and card requirements.  Cards and readers can be programmed and assembled to work within the master plan, operational, performance and budgetary objectives.

Access Control Systems Capabilities

  • Access control systems are network-able
  • Each cardholder can be assigned unique access security levels
  • Cardholder locations can be tracked to prevent two people from sharing a card
  • Cards can be programmed with specific lock-out times
  • Access control systems can be integrated with time and attendance software packages
  • Proven technology
  • Consistent, robust and reliable access control
  • Low Replacement card cost
  • Reusable/re-programmable cards

Magnetic Strip Card and Readers

Magnetic access control card readers read the information on the magnetic stripe, transmitting it to the access control point.  These are typically seen on credit cards and door cards in hotels and other institutions. These readers are also available with keypad to provide additional security, requiring the card holder to key the correct PIN prior to access being granted.

  • Proven technology
  • Consistent, robust and reliable access control
  • Low Replacement card cost
  • Reusable / re-programmable  cards

Smart Access Cards

A Smart Card, typically a type of chip card, that is a plastic card that contains an embedded computer chip–either a memory chip or microprocessor type–that stores and transacts data.

A key advantage of smart cards is that they can be integrated with different technologies, including proprietary proximity, magnetic-stripe and bio-metric systems. That allows smart cards to be used in different locations with different technology readers.

Another consideration is existing hardware and software, which was based on specific needs at the time of purchase. Expansion of these systems to accommodate smart card technology is possible but may require upgrading, or purchasing hardware and software to integrate into a smart card single card system.

A Smart Card that is programmed to be read by different types of readers, or by a multi-technology reader at different locations, is expandable through the addition of new access control panels and readers.

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