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All fleet management systems require a communications network to connect the trucks, excavators and other equipment to the main computers and servers.  The quality of the communications network can greatly affect the operation of the fleet management system.  Further, the cost of the communications network can be significant and should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

One of SNCTechnologies core capabilities is communications design, network installation, and commissioning. SNCTechnologies is the leader for these type of networks in Indonesia’s mining sector.  A MineComms network can be designed for SNCTechnologies own MineLink FMS and MineTrack systems.  MineComms networking can be designed for other fleet management systems  making it possible to expand your communication network and integrate current equipment.

MineComms communications system is currently installed at some of the largest mine sites in Indonesia supporting fleet management and other IT and Communications systems.


The MineComms wireless communications network utilizes two (2) types of frequences : 2.4 GHz Frequency and 5.8 GHz backhaul network. The 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g network provides the coverage to the FMS equipment (Trucks and Excavators etc) in all of the areas of the mining activity.  The 5.8 GHz 802.11a network is the main Back Bone which connects the 2.4 GHz network to the wired Local Area Network (LAN), where the FMS servers, Mine Map and Dispatch office software are located. A basic network design for MineComms is shown above.

How MineComm Works

Site Survey

When designing a network, first a complete site survey is conducted. Engineers survey all areas which are proposed to be covered by the MineComms wireless network including pits, dumps, office facilities. The location of any existing fixed towers is determined whether or not they can be utilized in the design.

Wireless Link Path Simulation

3D maps are used to simulate the link paths and analyze the wireless links. Special contour analysis software is used to determine the viability of the proposed links.

Network Design

Using the analysis date determines the number and configuration of both fixed and mobile towers. Because the mine is constantly changing, the network design must be able to accommodate future mine expansion plans.

Mobile tower placement changes day by day and involves constant configuration adjustments to assure there are no ‘dead spots’ and network interference is minimized while attaining the highest network capacity.

Custom Communication Solutions

MineComms for MineLink

In order for MineLink fleet management system to operate in real-time it needs to be in constant communication with each truck, digger and every piece of auxiliary equipment across the mine. This is accomplished by custom designing and installing a specialized MineComms communications system.

MineComms for MineLink is a high capacity WiFi cloud with extra quick handover and seamless roaming capabilities that covers everywhere the equipment goes — pit, haul roads, dumps, stockpiles, workshops, fuel depots, etc.

The MineComms wireless network design (opposite side shows portable and fixed tower positions and backhaul links on a mine 3D map.

MineComms for MineTrack

Every design of a MineComms network for MineTrack vary depending upon the customer’s requirements. The system can be built with constant or Mesh or Store and Forward upon request. If for Store and Forward communications then the data is stored on the truck on-board unit until a network connection is made, and then the data is uploaded to the servers seamlessly without any loss of critical data.

MineComms for MineTrack can use various frequencies and combinations of frequencies depending upon each mine sites needs and to reduce costs.

MineComms Communications Equipment

MineComms uses various 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz Access Points and Backhaul Radios. For the PCN network we propose the MineGain RB435G Outdoor Access Point which is designed specifically for the harshest mining conditions by SNCTechnolgies as well as the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 radios for the backhaul. SNCTechnolgies also designs and fabricated its own Mobile Trailer Towers of which there are already 100s installed on various mines throughout Indonesia.

Each Mobile tower is equipped with two (2) Antennas: 2,4 GHz Sector antenna and 5,8 GHz Omni Antenna. We design the Mobile Trailer Tower and its equipment in specific ways to ensure and accommodate the future mine expansions.

Ubiquiti Rocket M5
MineGain RB433 Access Point
Portable Trailer Tower Design

SNCTechnologies Portable Tower

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