PT BAg Adds Fleet to Secure Primary Energy Supply

Jakarta, TAMBANG – Subholding of PT PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (EPI), PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna (BAg) inaugurated an additional Supramax-type ship fleet, namely MV Latifah Baruna. The event was held at PLTU Suralaya, Banten on Saturday (5/8).

The event itself was attended by management within the PLN Group, from the Ministry of Transportation, INSA (Indonesian National Shipowner’s Association) management and stakeholders.

The name Latifah Baruna was inspired by a female hero, Tengku Agung Syarifah Latifah, who came from Riau and contributed to women’s education in Indonesia. While the name Baruna is a characteristic of the name of the ship BAg which is an acronym for Ark Adhiguna.

Director of Corporate Planning and Business Development of PT PLN (Persero), Hartanto Wibowo, in his remarks said that this inauguration was a good momentum for BAg to continue to grow in maintaining the primary energy supply chain for PLN.

“With the addition of ships, it is hoped that it will further strengthen BAg’s capacity in securing reliable and sustainable primary energy transportation. Even though BAg continues to add to its ships, BAg must continue to collaborate with partners and stakeholders to continue to secure supply,” said Hartanto Wibowo.

Iwan Agung Firstantara as Main Director of PT PLN Energi Primer Indonesia also hopes that PT BAg can continue to innovate and grow together with PLN EPI.

“BAg’s work is to show support for PLN EPI in providing and meeting customer expectations, maintaining safe and maintained quality of transportation, especially with the addition of this fleet of ships. The bigger the BAg, the bigger the PLN EPI group will be,” said Iwan Agung.

The Chairperson of INSA, Carmelita Hartoto, revealed that BAg had made a good collaboration with INSA, especially when facing the coal crisis in 2022, and this collaboration is expected to continue going forward.

The inauguration of MV Latifah Baruna also coincided with the 12th anniversary of PT BAg joining the PLN Group. Tri Susanto as the Main Director of PT BAg said that by joining BAg in the PLN Group family, the company continues to experience significant improvements and developments from operational and financial aspects.

“The achievement of primary energy transportation which continues to increase every year, especially coal, shows that the company’s role is needed in supporting security of supply from the electricity supply chain in Indonesia and increasing customer confidence in the services provided by the company,” said Tri Susanto.

The joining of MV Latifah Baruna is a concrete form of BAg’s commitment to continuously improve the security of primary energy supply. MV Latifah Baruna is the 14th fleet owned by PT BAg, and this ship is capable of transporting up to 55,000 Metric Tonnes of coal to meet the needs of PLTU Suralaya, PLTU Lontar, and PLTU Pangkalan Susu.


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