Fleet Management System

SNCTechnologies offers a comprehensive suite of fleet management system products tailored for the mining industry. Our products, MineLink,  MineTrack, and MineSafeDrive, revolutionize the way mining operations are monitored and managed.


MineLink is an advanced fleet management system developed by SNCTechnologies to meet the needs of the mining sector. MineLink provides benefits such as improved performance and  productivity, lower fuel costs, better management and reporting of  information, reduced maintenance costs, and complete equipment tracking. MineLink is designed for in-pit operations and comes with a highly sophisticated automatic dispatching system – the best in the world.

Key Points:

  • MineLink is designed to enhance mining productivity by increasing production and operational efficiency.
  • The system features intelligent dispatching, equipment tracking, fuel cost reduction, real-time reporting, and maintenance cost savings.
  • MineLink provides a user-friendly interface, equipment tracking functionalities, real-time KPIs and reports, and a dispatch control center for monitoring operations.
  • The system is designed to be rugged for harsh mining environments, easily scalable for different mine sizes, and integrates with major heavy equipment OEM systems for efficient data monitoring.


MineTrack is a GPS tracking system designed for material hauling fleets in mining operations. It offers robust tracking solutions and various features to improve fleet management, safety, efficiency, and productivity. MineTrack is primarily for long haul pit-to-port or pit-to load out point.

Key Points:

  • MineTrack by SNCTechnologies is a GPS tracking system tailored for mining operations.
  • Benefits include improved fleet management, safety, tracking of operators and vehicles, prevention of unauthorized use, and over/under speeding control.
  • Features of MineTrack include various backhaul options, rugged hardware, real-time status monitoring, alerts, driver identification, and detailed reporting capabilities.
  • The system is designed based on 20 years of experience in GPS tracking and mine fleet management.


MineSafeDrive by SNCTechnologies is an advanced AI system that monitors driver fatigue using face recognition and eye detection technology. It alerts drivers with in-cab alarms, activates sirens, and notifies the central control room to prevent accidents. The system works by monitoring eye closure for signs of fatigue, issuing alerts, and pinpointing the vehicle on a map for immediate action.

Key Points:

  • MineSafeDrive uses AI face recognition and eye detection to monitor driver fatigue.
  • It alerts drivers with in-cab alarms and activates sirens when fatigue is detected.
  • The system notifies the central control room in real-time for immediate intervention.
  • Alerts are sent based on speed activation and can be received via email, text, or messaging apps.
  • Three levels of fatigue alarms are used, escalating from high-pitched tones to a siren for continuous eye closures or severe fatigue.

SNCTechnologies’ fleet management solutions, coupled with the innovative features of MineSafeDrive, empower mining companies to enhance operational efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure a safer working environment for their employees.

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