USD 11.6 Billion Invested in Indonesia’s Smelters

From 2023 to 2024, the investment in smelters in Indonesia is projected to amount to USD 11.6 billion (IDR 182.3 trillion) for 16 smelters’ development.

During a parliamentary hearing in Jakarta on Tuesday, the Acting Director General of Minerals and Coal at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Bambang Suswantono, said that out of the 16 planned smelters, seven will be for nickel, seven to bauxite, one to iron, and one to copper.

Bambang Suswantono noted that the seven nickel smelters entail a USD 2.67 billion investment, with five already operational since 2023. State-owned mining company Antam’s nickel smelter is nearing completion at 99 percent, while Ang And Fang Brother’s smelter is still under construction.

In addition, the seven bauxite sector smelters are valued at USD 5.85 billion, with USD 51.5 million invested in iron smelters. The highest investment, totaling USD 3.08 billion, is directed towards Freeport Indonesia’s copper smelter, currently at 90 percent completion.

Furthermore, Bambang Suswantono stressed the importance of efficient industrialization policies in the mineral industry. The ministry is implementing strategies to integrate the supply chain between mining and smelting, involve stakeholders in downstream policies, and foster the development of advanced industries.

Image source: B-Universe Photo/Rifqi Danwanus

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