A Safe Mine is Important for Everybody

A Safe Mine is Important for Everybody

Mine safety is of utmost importance, not only for protecting lives, but also to avoid costly downtime, equipment damage, and lost productivity. Maintaining a safe working environment is truly a win-win for everybody.

In this article, we are thrilled to announce that PT. Satnetcom will be implementing MineSafeDrive in the PT fleet of both Cipta Kridatama and Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP). The fleet of Cipta Kridatama consists of 232 units, while Kalimantan Prima Persada has 267 units.

MineSafeDrive, our cutting-edge solution, aims to enhance safety and well-being, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue or distraction. With our advanced technology, we are committed to providing maximum protection to your fleet. We firmly believe that the implementation of MineSafeDrive will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

We express our gratitude to PT. Cipta Kridatama and PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP) for their trust in us. We eagerly anticipate the myriad of opportunities this collaboration will bring to all parties involved.

Additionally, we extend our appreciation to PT Binuang Mitra Bersama Block Two, the mine owner for both PT. Cipta Kridatama and PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP). Their mines are situated in Bungur sub-district, South Kalimantan. Furthermore, we thank Indexim Mining Project, located in Kaliorang sub-district, East Kalimantan, for their established collaboration.

Let’s unite for a safer and more productive work environment!

For more information about SNCTechnologies and MineSafeDrive, please visit: https://snctechnologies.com/products/security-and-safety/minesafedrive/

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