Fleet Management Systems Implementation

Revolutionizing Coal Logistics: How PT. AGM Optimized Operations with RFIDLongHaul

Fleet Management Systems Introduction

In the rugged terrain of South Kalimantan, Indonesia, PT. Antang Gunung Meratus (PT. AGM) has been steadily carving out its place as a leading coal mining company. With operations spanning four regencies, PT. AGM has been producing around 3 million tons of sub-bituminous coal per year, contributing significantly to the region’s energy needs.

However, as the company’s operations grew, PT. AGM recognized the need to streamline its coal transportation processes. That’s where the partnership with PT. SatNetCom (SNC) and the implementation of the RFIDLongHaul system came into play, transforming the way PT. AGM manages its coal logistics.

Embracing the Power of Technology

In 2016, PT. AGM took a bold step forward by collaborating with PT. SatNetCom, a renowned technology provider based in Balikpapan. The goal was to design and implement a comprehensive coal hauling monitoring system that would enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their coal transportation operations.

The resulting solution, RFIDLongHaul, was installed at two weighbridge locations and three stockpile locations within the PT. AGM site. This integrated system leveraged cutting-edge technologies to streamline the company’s coal logistics, delivering a range of benefits that have continued to pay dividends.

Key Features of RFIDLongHaul

At the heart of the RFIDLongHaul system lies a robust set of features that have transformed the way PT. AGM manages its coal transportation. Let’s delve into the key capabilities of this innovative solution:

1. Weight Tracking

One of the core functions of RFIDLongHaul is the accurate recording of truck weights, both when empty and when loaded with coal. This precise data collection ensures that PT. AGM can closely monitor the movement and volume of its coal, enabling better inventory management and cost control.

2. Origin and Destination Tracking

The system also tracks the origin and destination of each coal shipment, providing PT. AGM with a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain. This information is crucial for optimizing transportation routes, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the timely delivery of coal to customers.

3. Driver and Truck Identification

RFIDLongHaul incorporates advanced identification technologies to recognize both drivers and trucks. This feature enhances accountability, as PT. AGM can track the movement and performance of individual drivers and vehicles, enabling better fleet management and driver incentive programs.

4. Automated Documentation

The system streamlines the documentation process by automatically generating travel documents for drivers, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing the risk of errors.

5. Vehicle Location Tracking

RFIDLongHaul provides real-time visibility into the location of each truck, allowing PT. AGM to monitor the movement of its fleet and respond quickly to any disruptions or delays.

6. Access Control and Traffic Management

The system integrates barrier gates and traffic lights to control the flow of vehicles, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of trucks within the PT. AGM site.

7. Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboard

RFIDLongHaul offers a complete reporting system, providing PT. AGM with detailed analytics and insights into its coal transportation operations. The management dashboard allows the company to make data-driven decisions and optimize its processes.

Expanding the Reach of RFIDLongHaul

As PT. AGM’s operations continued to grow, the company recognized the need to further enhance the capabilities of the RFIDLongHaul system. In 2023, the company decided to expand the system’s reach, adding new equipment and features to address its evolving requirements.

The expansion included the installation of new systems in five weighbridges, five pits, four stockpiles, and four road access points. Additionally, the company incorporated new features and improved system scalability, such as:

  1. Accommodating Coal Hauling and Coal Getting Processes: The system now seamlessly integrates the entire coal supply chain, from extraction to transportation.
  2. QR Code Implementation at Toll Gates: The addition of QR code technology has streamlined the access control process, further enhancing the efficiency of vehicle movement.
  3. Mobile RFID: The introduction of mobile RFID capabilities has increased the flexibility and accessibility of the system, allowing for real-time data collection and monitoring on the go.
  4. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): The system now provides accurate ETA estimates, enabling better planning and coordination of coal deliveries.
  5. LED Displays: The integration of LED displays has improved communication and visibility, keeping all stakeholders informed about the status of coal transportation operations.
  6. Enhanced Dashboard Reporting: The management dashboard has been further refined, offering more comprehensive analytics and insights to support PT. AGM’s decision-making processes.

The Transformative Impact of RFIDLongHaul

The implementation of the RFIDLongHaul system has had a profound impact on PT. AGM’s coal transportation operations. The company has experienced a range of benefits that have contributed to its overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Improved Operational Efficiency

By automating various processes, eliminating manual paperwork, and providing real-time visibility into the coal supply chain, RFIDLongHaul has significantly streamlined PT. AGM’s coal transportation operations. This has resulted in reduced operational costs, faster turnaround times, and enhanced resource utilization.

Enhanced Inventory Management

The accurate weight tracking and origin-destination data provided by the RFIDLongHaul system have enabled PT. AGM to maintain tight control over its coal inventory. This has improved the company’s ability to meet customer demand, reduce stockpiling, and optimize its coal supply.

Improved Fleet Management

By tracking driver and vehicle performance, RFIDLongHaul has empowered PT. AGM to implement more effective fleet management strategies. This includes optimizing route planning, implementing driver incentive programs, and ensuring the proper maintenance of vehicles, all of which contribute to enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings.

Increased Transparency and Accountability

The comprehensive reporting and dashboard features of RFIDLongHaul have brought unprecedented transparency to PT. AGM’s coal transportation operations. This has enabled the company to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and hold all stakeholders accountable for their performance.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

The access control and traffic management capabilities of the RFIDLongHaul system have improved the overall safety of PT. AGM’s operations, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Partnering for Success

The success of the RFIDLongHaul implementation at PT. AGM is a testament to the strong partnership between the mining company and PT. SatNetCom. As a leading provider of information technology and communication solutions, PT. SatNetCom has been instrumental in designing, implementing, and supporting the system.

With over 1000 unit trucks, the benefits to efficiency and productivity are sky-high.

Headquartered in Balikpapan, with a sales office in Jakarta and development facilities in Bandung, PT. SatNetCom has a proven track record of helping mining companies, both domestically and internationally, to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and operational safety through the use of innovative technologies.

If you’re a mining company looking to optimize your coal transportation operations or explore other technology-driven solutions, PT. SatNetCom is ready to assist you. You can reach out to them at info@satnetcom.com or +62 542 87550 to discuss your unique needs and explore the possibilities of transforming your business with cutting-edge information technology.


The partnership between PT. AGM and PT. SatNetCom, and the implementation of the RFIDLongHaul system, have been a game-changer for the coal mining industry in South Kalimantan. By embracing the power of technology, PT. AGM has been able to streamline its coal transportation operations, improve inventory management, enhance fleet efficiency, and increase transparency and accountability.

As PT. AGM continues to expand its operations, the RFIDLongHaul system has proven to be a scalable and versatile solution, adapting to the company’s evolving needs. The integration of new features and the expansion of the system’s reach have further solidified its position as a transformative tool in the coal logistics landscape.

By leveraging the expertise of PT. SatNetCom, PT. AGM has demonstrated the immense potential of technology-driven solutions to revolutionize the coal mining industry. As the demand for energy continues to grow, this partnership serves as a shining example of how innovation can drive operational excellence and contribute to the overall sustainability of the sector.

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